36043 Fulda: Sarah Jeffery - The best recorder player you...

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36043 Fulda: Sarah Jeffery - The best recorder player you...

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"Sarah Jeffery: Be the best recorder player you can be!"
Techniques for improving your practice and performance

Teacher: Sarah Jeffery, UK/Netherlands.

Language: English

How to take your playing to the next level? We all know the feeling: you have to practice but don't really feel like it, there's a difficult section that just doesn't get better… or, after all of your hard work, you have to play for other people and your nerves takes over! Wouldn't it be great if your practice sessions could bring real results, and you could perform your best for your teacher or an audience without stage fright?

Returning to Fulda to give a two-day workshop, recorder player Sarah Jeffery (Royal Wind Music, Team Recorder on YouTube) shows you how to get the most out of your practice and playing, in a fun and accessible way. We will look into ways to really take your playing to the next level, through areas such as articulation, expression, and tuning. We will explore different techniques and games for practicing difficult passages, so that you can really improve and don't get stuck! There will also be a lot of time for your own input - do you have technical problems or questions about your playing? We will find solutions together.

This seminar is aimed at players of intermediate level and above. Please bring one piece of music (any style) with you that you are currently practicing - there will be room for players to sign up for a short individual lesson, held in front of the group. In this way, we can all learn from each other.

The language of the workshop will be English.

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Re: 36043 Fulda: Sarah Jeffery - The best recorder player you...

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